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Another problem is that he seems compelled to balance the positive with the negative, so too much of this slim volume contains trivial unflattering material about Lincoln's marriage, for example while discussions of Lincoln's great accomplishments are often rushed through too breezily.

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A reader approaching this book without any prior knowledge of its subject could easily come away without any sense that Lincoln was an especially great man or president. May 29, 05AlexxP rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-reviews.

A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln (FULL Audiobook)

Abraham lincoln is a auto biography on one of the best presiedent of the united states. In this biography you learn about his true point of views and his political reasons. As the famouse emblem of him cutting down a tree. In school we study allot about this figure but in this book you go deeper into his life and i recomend this book to whoever wants to learn more about abraham lincon.

This book is worth 30 points and i rate it 5 stars because it has allot of historic facts and historical refrences. Jan 18, Collin rated it really liked it.

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The primary benefit of Keneally's biography of Lincoln is it's consiceness. It's not a beautifully poetic piece, but it is a very direct and informative one, which is what I expected and wanted from it. At pages, it's not a long read, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about this fascinating historical figure. In the current political climate, it's also quite an engaging image to put up next to our current divisive reality.

More than anything though, I appreciate the p The primary benefit of Keneally's biography of Lincoln is it's consiceness. More than anything though, I appreciate the process of somewhat de-mythologizing Lincoln and re-presenting him as a flawed, if heroically so, individual. One of those compact books - I remember the cover and how I'd keep it in my backpack and read it whenever I could on the bus or train commuting back and forth. Jun 23, Nitin Sharma rated it it was ok. A factual account of the most famous US president's life that is based on other biographies.

It delivers as a textbook but as a novel it is unable to draw the reader into the life of Lincoln. Aug 05, Ahmad Nazeri rated it liked it. Pretty dry and rudimentary biography of Abraham Lincoln. It could serve as a good introduction to Lincoln but if you are knowledgeable about the topic, I would highly recommend the more comprehensive Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln instead. May 06, Hilary rated it really liked it. This biography was short which made it easy to read. I didn't like that the author seemed to dwell on the negative aspects of Lincoln's life and his imperfections.

He was a great man and I would rather read about the good things he did. At times I felt that I was reading an extended Wikipedia version of Lincoln's life. This is not to say that I didn't enjoy the brevity and incisiveness of Keneally's writing. I have never read anything by Keneally before Unlike most of the other biographies of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Keneally's version, Abraham Lincoln: A Life weighs in at a meagre pages.

I have never read anything by Keneally before, but from reading the back flap, discovered that he wrote the novel that inspired the film Schindler's List. There was definitely a sense of poetry to his writing which was a welcome surprise in a genre known for it's adherence to the cold hard truth. I knew little to nothing about Lincoln the man and thrilled to get glimpses of the circumstances that shaped his life. Lincoln's relationship with his father was one marked by tension and conflict. The son of a pioneering farmer, the two were often at odds over Lincoln's reluctance for a life of manual labor and his abiding love of books and knowledge.

In fact, when Lincoln's father passed away, "Abraham did not attend the funeral or ever raise a monument over his father's grave. Working at a general store as a young man, "people remembered that Lincoln read purposefully between customers, even for just five minutes at a time. One later friend's first sighting was in a local house, Lincoln lying on a trundle bed rocking a cradle with his foot while reading. Another villager remembered him atop a wood heap, reading a statute book. He also had a book in hand as he walked from group to group along the street.

If the pamphlet had been published or seen by other eyes, Lincoln may never have won the Presidency. As a young man, Lincoln was revolted and disturbed by the treatment of slaves that he observed firsthand in New Orleans. As described by friend John Hanks, "There it was when we saw Negroes chained, maltreated, whipped, and scourged. Lincoln saw it; his heart bled, said nothing much I can say, knowing it, that it was on this trip that he formed his opinions of slavery.

It ran it's irons in him then and there, May Nor did Lincoln believe or at least say publicly that blacks should automatically be able to vote, serve as jurors or hold office.

Abraham Lincoln

He came into office as a deeply divisive candidate. Within hours of his inevitable election to the office of the President, "the South Carolina governor had called the legislature into special session to authorize a state convention of the dissolution of the Union and the formation of a Southern Confederacy. Tensions were so high, that for the first time in American history, the Army stationed troops along Pennsylvania Avenue to protect Lincoln during his inauguration.

Having never read anything about the Civil War except what was in my sixth grade history textbook, I found Keneally's history of the conflict to be informative without being overly dry I'm not a fan of military history. It was surreal to read of the deaths of 23, men in one battle at Antietam. Reading of the parades of citizens in carriages who rode out to Bull Run to watch the battles was even more surreal. Keneally describes a photo of Lincoln as "a lean He had learned from his youth how to endure debilitating self-doubt.

The assassination was eerily presaged by a dream that Lincoln had in which he viewed his own corpse lying in state in the White House. In the end, Keneally describes Lincoln's lifeless body as "the bloodied nation incarnate"; a moving and vivid description that invokes the disastrous results of the Civil War on the country and the man. Read for yourself: So here is Lincoln in the spring of tortured in equal and abundant measure by self-doubt and ambition, ill-clothed, rough-mannered, hard up, possessed of his peculiarly American powers of articulation and charm, burdened by whawt now would be considered clinical depression, plagued by exultant vision, yearning for and terrified by women, raucous in joke telling, gifted in speech, abstinent in drink, profligate in dreams.

No man ever entered Springfield, a town that would become his shrine, as tentative, odd-seeming and daunted as Abraham Lincoln. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth.

Abraham Lincoln (novel)

Lincoln's characteristic mood was one of sadness, but his face could suddenly brighten, and he would become radiant and glowing. It was an office that quickly took on an increasing look of disarray, Lincoln even having a parcel of documents tied with string and classified with the words: "When you can't find it anywhere else, look into this. Herndon was a newshound, so that the floor was also strewn with pages of broadsheets.

To add to the eccentricity of the office, Lincoln filed papers in his stovepipe hat, a habit he had picked up during his time as a post-surveyor in New Salem.

Presidential Candidate – Abraham Lincoln Historical Society

He made frequent use of the sofa, which was too small for his long body, so that his upper body would lie on it and the lower would be extended over a number of chairs. Thus he would lie under heaps of newspapers.

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Once again, my review vanished. Why does this keep happening? Well then. In brief. A re-read. The first time, it didn't leave much of an impression on me. For professional reasons, I needed to revisit the biography, and I could source all the necessary information from it. While being thankfully short pages , it gives you a good first impression of Lincoln's personality and roots.

Young Abraham is particularly interesting. But due to its brevity, the book does not dwell on any topic in deta Once again, my review vanished. But due to its brevity, the book does not dwell on any topic in detail. For example, it skips through his presidential achievements quickly. It does not have much insight on his position on indigenous people. I found it strange that his heart wept for the enslaved Africans, whereas he seems to show no scruples expelling and eventually exterminating the American natives. Also, it ends abruptly the day he dies. Fair enough - the title is "Abraham Lincoln.

A Life". However, it would have been interesting to find out how the funeral and burial went to pass, being a national event, or what became of his wife and two surviving sons. Which would have added perhaps a further 25 pages to the book. Is that such an unreasonable demand? Considering the vast amount of research, this book provides a condensed introduction to the life and times of Abraham Lincoln. Don't expect any in-depth historical background information, though. Jul 12, Jo Young Switzer rated it really liked it.

This biography of Lincoln by Thomas Keneally is a conversational summary of Lincoln's life, from birth "on a mattress of corn husks" to his death which reflected ". The next steps can be more focused books about certain parts of his life, like Team of Rivals which focuses on his work with his cabinet in the Whit This biography of Lincoln by Thomas Keneally is a conversational summary of Lincoln's life, from birth "on a mattress of corn husks" to his death which reflected ". The next steps can be more focused books about certain parts of his life, like Team of Rivals which focuses on his work with his cabinet in the White House.

This is a highly readable book, full of information, but not what one would call a scholarly book. It opens the door to learning more about him by providing a summary of his growing up, his roots in the Midwest, and his time in the White House. I think it is a great book for someone who wants to explore Lincoln in depth and for whom a readable overview can provide context.

How Lincoln Played the Press

I enjoyed it greatly and hope to learn even more about this most enigmatic and impressive president. Jul 06, Georgene Hall rated it it was amazing. Finally, a short readable biography! I've learned that this is just one of the Penguin Lives series. Aug 28, Maryrita rated it really liked it.