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  4. Is This New World an Utopia?
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In one area which touches my professional interests, spectrum auctions, my impression is that they have been a success by most impartial standards, at least by the rather low standard of "better than the distinctly nonutopian state of centrally allocated spectrum rights in the real world". Where is the Failure? Lycurgus stands in utopian and much nonutopian political writing as the archetypal legis - lator, the charismatic leader who, given the power and opportunity, shaped the destinies of a real people as decisively as have his descendants, who have in nu - merous utopias transformed the characters of ordinary men into perfect and ideal citizens.

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TOP 5. TUI 3. TUN 3. TUP 5. UNI 3. Of privacy? Of many children. Of fidelity? Of sexual or romantic partners? Of faith? What if people disobey the plan and start to trade among themselves — what if they start a black market? I remind him that the island is remote, it is also walled and armed to keep outsiders out. There is no contact with the outside as his utopia is supposed to be self-sufficient.

They are stranded. Similar conditions exist in contemporary new age communities where an internal currency with no market value results in a poverty trap. I ask him: What he would do if he was a leader and people started to dissent, if they wanted to leave or bring money back in or start private ownership.

Is This New World an Utopia?

He said, if they were good people they would stick to the plan. I ask, but how would you know when people are planning to abandon the utopian project? My father admits that perhaps people could be encouraged to keep an eye on each other and report back on any unrest. And that they should be constantly reminded of their commitment.

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Making sacrifices today for the betterment of all in the future. My father has the best will in the world but he has just invented state surveillance and his simple island state is by necessity turning into authoritarian communism. Even within tiny groups of radical communards, persecution phobia grows.

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In one separatist Maoist collective in London with only five people they nonetheless managed to hold confessions, spying, reports on each other, expulsions, purges and re-educations beatings. The more things start to fail in Utopia the more the core believers are forced to silence those who dare speak the truth.

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Even those who would report on things that are failing with the hope that such reports might make things better. I ask my father what he would do if his utopians required to make trips to the outside world? They might need to repair technology for example or update it. After all, the utopians have only what they arrived with and the tools they can create.

Outside there is a global economic system that thrives on technological innovation. Complex energy-saving devices are made from parts from dozens of countries. Out of the planned utopian communities in the 19 th century, only a handful of religious-based communities survived beyond twelve years.

Romantic Outlaws, Beloved Prisons: Open Square: NYU Press

Communist countries that have tried to wall themselves in have experienced this same process. They become stagnant islands in a free-flowing sea of capitalism. Once the connection is open to the outside world again, utopians start leaving. Building their own boats. The force becomes unstoppable as they report back that the world outside is more advanced.


Others want to leave — and my father can only stop them leaving by force. After all, the experiment must be seen through to its end.